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Astra Power steering pump not starting

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Hello. Before I throw my pump away in frustration can anyone give me any help? I tested it 3 years ago but since then it sat waiting for me to restart working on my car. I'm back into my car and was about to get a custom hose made up and thought I better test it.. I removed it from my car and put positive to positive etc. A brief spark on the battery terminal when I connected it the first time. I then tried the little blue and black wires to negative. No response. Just blue. Nothing. Just black nothing. Main wires then count to 10 then small wires to negative. Nothing nothing.... Horrible feeling as these will be very expensive for me to replace with crazy COVID shipping prices to New Zealand. Should i try to pull the pump apart? The battery is good
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Never mind. It seems totally dead. No idea what killed it. I took it apart carefully and found nothing that jumped out as faulty bar a slight small scorch mark on the side of the motor housing . I'll just have to pay the price of getting another one. It's the Astra G pump with the long neck that sticks up. Is this a unreliable pump? I have a mount made for this long neck unit. Should i get a different pump or another the same? If another i welcome suggestions.
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