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Someone on a machinists' forum had a Hitachi L200 3HP VFD that suddenly stopped working with an E14 ground fault error, and I offered to pay him up to $50 for it, thinking I could repair it or at least use some of the parts. He sent it to me and I determined that the upper IGBT on the T2 motor connection was shorted to the positive bus. So I took it apart to see what I might be able to do.

The display and fan were easily removed by connectors, and with four screws I removed the heat sink. But the main PCB was connected to a separate IGBT driver board by means of 11 soldered power pins and a 10 pin soldered SIP connector, as well as a 2x8 removable header. I had to cut the power pins to get them loose, and I was able to use a solder sucker to free up the SIP connection, to expose the IGBT board.

This appeared to be fastened to the IGBT module with a single screw, but I found that it also had a series of soldered connections to the IGBT board, and I realized that it was not going to be as easy as just replacing the IGBTs. The IGBT power module also included the six input rectifiers and probably other components, and was pretty obviously a custom OEM module. So, bottom line was that this drive is essentially unrepairable unless the custom module could be ordered, or if there were a detailed schematic for the connections.

The only usable parts were the five bus capacitors with a total of about 2300 uF at 400VDC, and a few other thru hole components, and perhaps the heat sink. The display module might be useful to someone who has this drive, but otherwise it's just a chunk of junk. Pictures:

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