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Hello, everyone. I have dmoc 645 from ford transit connect and ford transit connect itself. After several failed attempts to manually control dmoc IGBT just blew up, and I started looking for manuals how to control dmoc via CAN bus. GEVCU source code just didn't want to work with that version of dmoc. I found out the following:
we need to send message 0x232 like a
4E 20 0 0 0 1 10+alive checksum while dmoc is initialising, gevcu sends
4E 20 0 0 0 1 40+alive checksum, and that didn't work, even after "fixing" code dmoc refused to work. I figured out that "appears to be not be needed" 0x235 and 0x236 actually appears to be needed and after enabling them i get motor spined, half of second. Just like a in message 0x232 we need to change byte 6 in message 0x236, as a response to message 0x23C byte 0 from dmoc. Does anyone know which response dmoc wanted in message 0x235? Can someone send me can log from ford transit connect just turned on, on neutral transmission? Thanks.
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