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Philip Court of the Greenstage electric race car & I are organising an
afternoon at Formula E electric go karts at 1:30pm, 6th
December. They're in Airport Oaks, Manukau City. If you can't make it at
this time, well, they're open daily, so don't let that stop you.

I had a look at one of the karts at the NZ Speed show and they look
good, 48V Optima Yellow Top battery, AC motor, differential and twin
hydraulic disc brakes. A friend of mine has had a go in them and says
they're very good.

The cost is $60 if we get 16-20 people together, and $70 if we only get
10. The only wrinkle is we have to pre-pay 50% a week before. If you
want to come, get in touch and I'll add your name to the list.

As an added bonus we'll bring along either my Electric Mini or Philip's
Electric Saker (neither will be road legal unfortunately).
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