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Auction Site for Used EV Parts??

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Does anyone know of any auction sites specifically for used parts? It's so hard to browse ebay for EV stuff, because there is no particular category for them... they are mixed up all over the place.

When you type "DC Motor" you get a million auctions, and when you type "series wound DC motor" you get none... yet I managed to find a few series-wound motors when browsing through the listings (no one put the word "series" in their description). It's getting to be kind of a pain.

There MUST be an EV auction site somewhere....

- Paul
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Works for me! :)

I'm on a budget, and I promised my wife I wouldn't buy anything "new" for the car..... but I didn't say anything about "used" parts ;)
Hi some used forklift of salvage yards, you can nornally pick up motors for around $100 -$200. I have seen people also pick up controllers, shunts, guages,pot boxes any off the trucks especially if you take all the parts off the same truck yourself.
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