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Should I send the car to the wrecker or build a bullet?

  • Wreck it, conversion ain't worth the hassle.

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  • Bullet baby!!

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  • Build it and they will come.

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  • Walk towards the green energy light.

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Hi, I'm looking to convert my older model A4 and it is looking like there are too many ways to jump into this. Happy to hear all suggestions. I live in Alberta so ideally I'd like to keep the quatro aspect of the car. I'd use the car most of the year but I wouldn't drive over 200KM (120 mile) distance daily. I'd like to get some acceleration from the mod but I'm not looking for anything remotely "ludicrous mode". This is obviously a DIY and while I am very handy, I'm not an electrical engineer. Love to hear from any other A4 specific converters out there but, I'd imagine a lot of the information will be universally transferable to many cars, I hope.
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