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Audi e-tron technical information

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Audi has released a pile of technical information about the new (for 2019) e-tron battery-electric SUV, based on the MLB platform of the Audi Q5 and many other VW/Audi/Porsche models. It's probably published directly by Audi somewhere, but this Road&Track article embeds Audi graphics and reports some information (although the author doesn't know what he is talking about):
The 2019 Audi e-tron Makes Switching to Electric a No-Brainer

The bits that I found interesting include
  • battery of 36 modules built by Audi, each with 12 LG 60 Ah pouch cells in a 3s4p configuration, for 108s4p overall resulting in 396 V nominal pack voltage and 240 Ah nominal capacity for 95 kWh stored
  • single motor per axle, with different motors front and rear
  • induction motors
  • front motor above and behind axle; rear motor coaxial with axle (and planetary geared)
  • over 12,000 rpm peak motor speed; usual power-limited and torque-limited torque-speed relationship

The different front and rear motors are not surprising. Presumably the coaxial mounting in the rear is required to package the motor in roughly the space where the MLB chassis normally has only a final drive unit, and the off-coaxial package in the front is required to clear the suspension, steering, and tires (when turned for steering). The MLB chassis is designed for a longitudinal engine and transmission, but of course this is transverse; the relatively long front axle to firewall space allows the motor to be behind the axle line... perhaps required to fit in all of the support hardware required (cooling, etc).

If those who think that a sheet of random plastic tacked up between a battery module and the vehicle interior is suitable want to see what the professionals do, the Audi material in this article shows what a real battery box should look like. ;)
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