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OEM Audi/VW electric vacuum pump I bought a month ago off EBay from a flipped A6 Avant Diesel wagon. I will include the bracket that came with it, although you would probably be better off making your own as it will take quite a bit of metal removal to mount on any flat surface. Also is a EVSource vacuum tank with pressure switch and gauge. Both items are in EXCELLENT condition. Other then filing out the mounting hole on the tank bracket, it appears new. There are a couple MINOR scuff marks that came on the tank and barely noticeable.

I am not going to use this because I decided to go with a manual master cylinder to clear up space under hood for a battery box. If you have or thinking about converting a Del Sol I will include the OEM Del Sol fuel filter mount that I used to hold the bracket. It doesn't look OEM but is very functional.

I looked at my reciepts in error! Updated the pricing!

I would like to get $75.00 + shipping for the complete setup.

All the best,
Aaron Lephart
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