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Australia - PT Cruiser conversion

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G'day I see there are a few PT conversions in USA , anyone know if one has been done in Australia yet.

I might be the first . Total EV Newbie here, DIY EV has been on my list of things to do for a while . I'm listening to ideas & advice . The project is well within my skill level & wan't to do as much as DIY as possible . But learn as I go.

Doing a website as I go, & will put updated & ask noob questions here.

Im thinking I need a motor with shaft on both ends so I can drive powersteer pump , Or is there a 12v pump solution .

my website is

Biggest hurdle so far is finding a VASS engineer in Vic with some DIY EV conversion so I can get the thing Blue Plated (certified ) for road use , coming to a dead end so far. Need to consult one & get the go ahead before I start as the car is currently unregistered.
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I've been driving a 2002 PT Cruiser Woodie. Its heavy and not very aerodynamic but it looks cool and can haul 4 people or 2 with lots of stuff in rear with seats down. I have a Warp 9 motor, Eventics Soliton JR, 46 x 180aha thundersky batteries, elithion master BMS, Brusa 513 charger, v and amp gauges, power brakes with electric pump, manual steering. Its got a cool fiberglass front end and woodie sides. Very comfortable daily driver!!

Here's some build pics

I'll have to post later pics as I swapped wheels to really cool moonies smaller footprint easier to steer and better efficiency plus it looks better.

Chassis is built like a tank it has Mercedes Benz plate on body so I suspect they had a hand in building these platforms. Also the Wagner 5 speed gearbox is builtproof and is really fun to shift. I drive the car in 3 gears and find its better to use some shifting to help the Warp 9 moving the tank down the road. Overall they make for a really fun electric and extremely practical easy to get parts and fix. I was told the engine was the weak link in the car everything else was pretty solid, and I would agree. Surprisingly its a lot smaller than my wifes Leaf!



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No problem the build was awhile back used a Warp 9 with Evnetics Soliton Jr and 45 Thundersky 180 aha batteries. Car drove quite well very smooth loved the 5 speed slushbox.

I tore it out my 2002 did not use electronic throttle I used a pot based to the mechanical peddle. I was a manual 5 speed and kept it in the drivetrain I like to shift.
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