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Australia - PT Cruiser conversion

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G'day I see there are a few PT conversions in USA , anyone know if one has been done in Australia yet.

I might be the first . Total EV Newbie here, DIY EV has been on my list of things to do for a while . I'm listening to ideas & advice . The project is well within my skill level & wan't to do as much as DIY as possible . But learn as I go.

Doing a website as I go, & will put updated & ask noob questions here.

Im thinking I need a motor with shaft on both ends so I can drive powersteer pump , Or is there a 12v pump solution .

my website is

Biggest hurdle so far is finding a VASS engineer in Vic with some DIY EV conversion so I can get the thing Blue Plated (certified ) for road use , coming to a dead end so far. Need to consult one & get the go ahead before I start as the car is currently unregistered.
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G'day goingbush,

I can only speak about NSW rules so maybe different in VIC? Mine is a 93/94 Suzuki Swift. Steel angle battery bays at both ends of the car, welded in place, means it no longer has a crumple zone (slight, but only slight, exaggeration!)

We had an electrical engineer certify the wiring/safety aspects and then looked up the list of motor vehicle engineers published by the NSW roads authority. The nearest engineer looked at the car and required a few very minor changes and once completed he certified the car. When the "blue slip" mechanic saw the two certifications we had, he gave me the "blue slip" immediately.

After all that, getting the "pink slip" safety check was a breeze.

I would be surprised if VIC doesn't have a list of approved engineers authorised to approve modifications, both mechanical and electrical, to all vehicles?

I am familiar with your problem! You are probably going to have to purchase your motor, charger and batteries from overseas anyway or from an Aust importer of overseas components.

Zero Emission Vehicles Aust (ZEVA) make a very good range of controllers and there are a number of Battery Management System manufacturers in Aust.

Unfortunately overseas manufacturers are sometimes no better at good service than Aust manufacturers. I have been waiting for 6 weeks to receive delivery of two chargers from China. I was originally promised 12 days delivery.

Good luck,
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