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Australia - PT Cruiser conversion

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G'day I see there are a few PT conversions in USA , anyone know if one has been done in Australia yet.

I might be the first . Total EV Newbie here, DIY EV has been on my list of things to do for a while . I'm listening to ideas & advice . The project is well within my skill level & wan't to do as much as DIY as possible . But learn as I go.

Doing a website as I go, & will put updated & ask noob questions here.

Im thinking I need a motor with shaft on both ends so I can drive powersteer pump , Or is there a 12v pump solution .

my website is

Biggest hurdle so far is finding a VASS engineer in Vic with some DIY EV conversion so I can get the thing Blue Plated (certified ) for road use , coming to a dead end so far. Need to consult one & get the go ahead before I start as the car is currently unregistered.
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Hi from a felow Aussie EVer to another.

I don't quite get what you mean about the crumple zone.
Are you saying that it is difficult to get any post 93 PT certified?
Or are you saying converting one to EV somehow impacts the crumple zone?

If it is the former I can kinda understand. But if it's the later I don't understand why an EV conversion would require them to recertify the crumple zone. They should only need to certify any changes you make, not the entire car.

When I had my 240z changes certified they only certifed the changes. They didn't go back and question the rest of the 1970 specifications against current standards.

Anyway, good luck and I hope you go through with it.
Oh and I forgot, have you considered changing to an electric power steering unit?

My perception is that it would be more efficient because hydraulic would require constant pump pressure while an electric rack would only apply power when turning. (Happy to be corrected if that is not the case)
Ah ok that makes sense now. Surely they can provide some criteria under which it would still meet the crumple requirements. Maybe its a case of leaving certain components in place even if they aren't required in an EV (eg Radiator etc). Maybe ask them specifically which components play a part in the crumple zone compliance?

No I am in QLD so my leads would not be useful to you. I suspect those sort of rules would be similar anyway.

Just to be clear my 240z is still ICE. My EV is a pure track car so no compliance was required.
My most recent controller is a Zeva unit. I have found the hardware and service to be excellent. I can't recommend them highly enough.

They also have BMS and other components that all play very nicely together.
The LandRover would be ok. But it depends on your budget and requirements. In the EV world weight and aero are key. The electric torque would make the LandRover excellent off road. But range and top speed will be the more difficult requirements to satisfy. It is doable, but you would need to throw a lot of dollars at it.

What range and top speed would you be looking for?
I'm surprised that they wouldnt touch your car because its after 1993.
I agree with Itchy, it's possibly a case of the Engineer you spoke to not being confident enough with EV conversions so they are making it dificult for you to proceed with them.

I know youre remote so your options are limited. could you get advice from a local EV club or phone advice from an engineer from further afield who might be more accommodating.
Again I agree with Itchy. Try the Victorian chapter of AEVA. There should be a wealth of members there able to point you towards some engineers.

I was also going to suggest using the filters on the Garage list in this forum. It fives manufacture year but not location, so I don't think it's going to give you what you need.
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