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Australia - PT Cruiser conversion

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G'day I see there are a few PT conversions in USA , anyone know if one has been done in Australia yet.

I might be the first . Total EV Newbie here, DIY EV has been on my list of things to do for a while . I'm listening to ideas & advice . The project is well within my skill level & wan't to do as much as DIY as possible . But learn as I go.

Doing a website as I go, & will put updated & ask noob questions here.

Im thinking I need a motor with shaft on both ends so I can drive powersteer pump , Or is there a 12v pump solution .

my website is

Biggest hurdle so far is finding a VASS engineer in Vic with some DIY EV conversion so I can get the thing Blue Plated (certified ) for road use , coming to a dead end so far. Need to consult one & get the go ahead before I start as the car is currently unregistered.
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Chassis is built like a tank it has Mercedes Benz plate on body so I suspect they had a hand in building these platforms.
The PT Cruiser was from the DaimlerChrysler era, so it would presumably have the Daimler name on it somewhere. For markets outside of North America it was apparently built in Austria, likely in a plant which also produced Mercedes vehicles. I don't think there was any involvement from the European operations in the design; it was designed before the Daimler era, started with the Neon platform, and shares parts with the Neon (and other Chryslers, especially the Breeze/Cirrus/Status or "cloud cars")... but I don't think there's any Mercedes connection in parts or design.

It is an interesting design, with a rare use of rear beam axle located by a Watts linkage in a front-drive vehicle.
For markets outside of North America it was apparently built in Austria...
My Australian delivered 2001 PT Cruiser (RHD) is made in Mexico , I would have thought they are all made in Mexico.
Sorry, I missed the detail in the Wikipedia article that production in Austria was only in 2002... so most PT Cruisers will have been built in Mexico.
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