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Australia - PT Cruiser conversion

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G'day I see there are a few PT conversions in USA , anyone know if one has been done in Australia yet.

I might be the first . Total EV Newbie here, DIY EV has been on my list of things to do for a while . I'm listening to ideas & advice . The project is well within my skill level & wan't to do as much as DIY as possible . But learn as I go.

Doing a website as I go, & will put updated & ask noob questions here.

Im thinking I need a motor with shaft on both ends so I can drive powersteer pump , Or is there a 12v pump solution .

my website is

Biggest hurdle so far is finding a VASS engineer in Vic with some DIY EV conversion so I can get the thing Blue Plated (certified ) for road use , coming to a dead end so far. Need to consult one & get the go ahead before I start as the car is currently unregistered.
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A couple of years ago Australia was thinking about buying the NZ "Hobby Car Manual"
Don't know what happened

But it's online

Might be worth having a look
Hi Guys
The NZ system is different
But some things are the same - most "certifiers" are not allowed to do EV's - there is only one certifier for EV's on the South Island
So the majority of your "engineers" will be the same!

I had to trailer my device to Dunedin - first as an assembled car but with an unpainted chassis and second as a completed car - to be certified
despite the fact that there is a very good certifier in the next street!

Your FIRST job is finding an engineer who is willing and able to do the certification
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