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Automatic Ford club wagon

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Hello EV enthusiast!! Well, i have a question to all of you experimented guys in the ev conversion. I actually have an EV Astra rolling in the streets but i have a new project in mind, i have a ford club wagon but with a little detail, automatic transmission. What would you say that is my best option here? any sugestions?
Thanks guys, i hope you can help me here with some ideas
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maybe i have to say something else. I know that for efficiency is not recommendable to keep the automatic transmission. The need for a system to keep moving the oil in the transmission and the low revolutions make of this a really bad option or is what i understand. Direct drive, here is where i have a lot of doubts. I saw a different projects with direct drive and two motors but can not understand very well why?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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