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Vehicles are more and more based on electric and electronic (E/E) systems that are functionally integrated. The*E/E architectures are therefore crucial to achieve performance and functional safety requirements and cost targets.

Evolving electronic functionality such as automated driving, connectivity and cyber-security, that will continue to grow as these cutting-edge technologies mature and market acceptance increases, require new electrical/electronic architectures in automotive designs.*Implementation of these functionalities in mainstream vehicles will demand a paradigm shift in E/E architectures with respect to in-vehicle communication networks, power networks, connectivity, safety and security.

The complexity that goes with these modern automotive architectures is driving the need to collaborate with partners. OEMs and suppliers must increasingly rely on partnerships to set automotive industry standards that enable a coordinated approach.
The upcoming “Automotive E/E Architecture China Conference 2017” to be held on the 25th-26th May. in Shanghai will invite 200+ worldwide leading Automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, semiconductors, software, testing, designing companies, and research institutes to discuss the evolution & revolution of automotive E/E architectures and how the industry leading companies envision the technology in the future. This conference will give you solutions on the bottlenecks for current E/E architectures and drivers for their evolution, and provide you with a precious platform to network and buildup profitable and sustainable partnership and achieve future success in the world’s largest automotive market.

For more information about this event please contact:

Liz Geng
Tel: 86 21 5271 0299*8010
QQ: 448993309
Email: [email protected]
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