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Aveo wheego conversion

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I have a 2004 chev aveo and a wheego motor and controller ready to start this conversion.
I'm looking for help choosing and sizing battery pack and bms.
The wheego ac motor and controller is a 96v ac with Curtis controller
The motor comes with the wheego transmission that I want to utilize if possible.
I have welding equipment and know about electrics, have done few ebikes.
Also the wheego was limited to 35mph, so I need to reprogram the controller that I think it is a Curtis 1238 but don't see to find the numbers for it.
Thanks very much in advance!
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I guess no help around? where is everybody?
Hi marto,

First, go to the user CP and fill in your location. That helps members who might help you.

Next read this:

Visit our EVInformation section. Perhaps find similar builds on the EVAlbum.

Start a build thread. Photos of what you presently have always attract attention.

The statement "I'm looking for help choosing and sizing battery pack and bms." doesn't really work for most us of here. Personally I have no idea what a "2004 chev aveo" looks like. A friend of mine has a Wheego EV so I am somewhat familiar with it but most members probably are not. Show photos and nameplate specs of the equipment.

Give us something to work with and you're more likely to get responses ;)


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Thanks , I understand.
I will post pics soon.
The aveo is a small sushi swift like little car.

I want to install lifepo4 batteries the controller is a Curtis 1238
I have heard very good thing about calb batteries ho is a good supplier?

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If your looking for long range not sacrificing the rear trunk entirely will be difficult in an aveo ... Is it a sedan or hatchback model ? As for batteries ... Depends on the range you want ... Bms lots of debate on that lol ...
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