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Even the "easy" route is not easy...I would recommend taking that approach first: Adapt a motor to the manual transmission. Put it in a high gear for highway, low gear for around town. Shifting will be exceedingly rare, and the clutch/transmission should suffer very little from shifts. I do wonder what motor torque the transmission can handle, though...

The Leaf motor puts out 210ftlb of torque, spins to 10k rpm, and can be bought for about $1000 with inverter (plus another $500 for something like a Thunderstruck controller). I think you'd struggle to beat this specs for the money.

Battery weight and size depends on what car you get them from. 80mi would be about a full Leaf pack from a 5-year-old car. You're looking at about 400lb, $3k, and a 1'x2'x3' brick of 48 textbook-sized modules (that are easily separated). Tesla batteries would be smaller and lighter, but cost more, require liquid cooling, and might be in a more cumbersome form factor per module.

You'll also need space for the charger, BMS, controllers, contactors, cooling, maybe a DC-DC converter, fuses, relays...It's hard to slice a highway-capable conversion for much less than $10k in parts. You could do $5k by buying a leaf and using everything, but that everything includes the display, shifter, and possibly the brake/throttle pedal assembly...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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