Azure Dynamics Ford Transit Connect All Electric Van, 2011/12 - plus 2 complete battery packs (one installed in the Van and one for spares / rebuilding in the rear of the van)

This van has been working fine, but now has a charging fault due to a problem within the lithium battery pack. Its most likely in the Battery monitoring system

It is at present Sorned and registered as an electric van in a way that makes this type sought after since it does not need an MOT
(Road tax is zero cost)

It is complete and as originally designed by Ford/AZD .with no changes

It comes complete with :

- its charging lead

- An additional very rare to find complete battery (each pack is a 28kWh Lithium battery consisting of 16 modules each of 12 high quality SAFT 40Ah cylindrical cells. Inside these battery packs are two Battery Management System units and many of the high voltage contactors and it looks like 1 of these battery management units has an error. But across the two complete battery packs you will have more than enough battery cells and BMS units to make a working van

(This is in addition to the original battery that is still mounted under the van)

The battery cells have been individually checked and charged using the blue chargers indicated in the pictures with a separate BMS system and most of them are holding their charge very well indeed.

- The complete AZD diagnostic software for these vehicles and many manuals. Its comprehensive and allows you to set up certain test configurations and you can see all the battery cell voltages and most other parameters

The 2nd battery pack is dismantled into the modules so that it could be easily moved around and loaded into the rear of the van.

(The van is rolling freely so would be easy to move and all the central locking is working so it is all secure)

Pictures are on UK Ebay item number :125896708320