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Azure ccShell works on Windows 7 (& CCS file appeal)

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Hi. I thought folk might want to know that it IS possible to run ccShell on a Win7 64 bit machine.
I installed ccShell v3.1.8.01 as administrator and then set it's compatibility mode to XP SP3 and to always run in administrator mode, via it's properties tab.

Initially it would give a 'no suitable JVM found' message on startup and did the same after I'd installed the latest version of Java JRE from Oracle. However, after un-installing that and installing JRE v5.0, which can be downloaded from the Oracle archives if you create an account, ccShell opens fine.

For hardware interface I'm using an ATEN UC232A USB to serial adapter which ccShell recognises as COM5.

Unfortunately that's as far as I get because I don't have a .CCS file for my DMOC 645. The GUID is 9D-C7-1C-F3-A0-B7-42-DD which I read using PuTTY terminal program. It's output in response to '?' (and any other key in fact) is attached.

Can anyone help with a .CCS file for this? I also have the 1PV5135 motor so I just need the standard .CCS file for that combination.



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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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