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Sign up at the Forum and poke around there a bit.

You will also need to source a Kvaser Leaf Lite II CAN adapter.
The software runs on Windows XP and uses CAN and serial port for the complete package.

The Azure Transit Connect is a nice local runner and worth the learning curve and effort.
Hea Weisheimer,
Thank you for the reply...I'm new to the forums and am struggling to find the program, so far have the Kvaser Leaf Lite II CAN adapter, and got a refirbed dell with XP, just need the program. I have two Nissan leafs, (well three, we tore one apart and grafted to a JEEP YJ). The connect is good for what I need and location. I'm in Hawaii, and there's just enough charger stations to get around, I'm between adding a second onboard, of installing a CHademo.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts