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Stephen here in Pearl City, Hawaii. Currently own two Nissan Leafs, a 2011, with a new battery in May of 16, and an 2016 we got in may, the 2011 was a great experimental and learning curve. I'm eyeing a Azure Transit Connect. There is very little in the way of info out there on them, what problem pop up either engineering, or software driven. The 2011 Leaf I added a second charger to get it to charge up faster at level II. Please by all means educate me on at AZURE...can/should I pull the new battery pack out of the 2011 leaf and put it in a transit? is the Johnson controls battery pack pretty robust that it won't degrade to rapidly (like the 2011-14) Nissan leafs. is there any mods to make it better? Is the heater pretty abusive to range...yes a moot point in Hawaii since I'll use A/C or drive with the windows open. Azure lists 80 miles per charge, anyone tested this? are you regardless of driving conditions only hitting 60 miles flat? If my questions are redundant again, I'm poking for answers... get at me here. [email protected]
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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