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back to work

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Ok, Im getting excited now my AMD FB 4001 double shaft motor is coming tomarro. I have the tranny in the shop, replaced seals, fabricated plate and cut tranny shaft to make room for EM shaft, they will be a kissing 1/8" apart. THe hardest part to co-ordinate to this point has been to find a machinist to make the connector. My rig is going to be direct connection from the EM to tranny, no clutch, or flywheeel needed. I purchesed a 1-1/2" piece of stock steel 1/4" wall, the inside is 1-1/16". I found a machinist that will fabricate one end to 1.130 with 1/4" keyway to fit EM, and the other end will have the spline that I punched out of the clutch plate pressed into that end for a neet 2" connector. Im hoping for a mount the motor to the plate, attach the connector to shaft, mount the plate to the tranny and off I go to replace the unit put togeather into the truck, attackh driveline and this will finish what I have termed " phase 2 ( mechanical reconfiguring the EV). I will update again when done with phase 2 with trials and tribulations, before I begin phase 3 ( designing, installing electronics) see ya soon....... Lou-ace
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