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Balancing Gen1 Insight pack basics

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Hello all, another new guy here.

Our two gen1 Honda Insights (2001 and 2004 manuals) are back on my short list. Both have battery issues (1447 and 1449), though the 2004 has been working with occasional grid charges and a couple deep discharges. The negative recals are increasing in frequency though, which along with the weather has me looking into them again.

I also have a box of extra old sticks from Bumblebee to use as spares once I open up the active car packs and find the miscreants. They've been sitting two years but should be "good". I'm just now starting to sort them by behavior and get my process in place. I'm using a Power Lab 8, without balance wires for now. I run each battery through a several hour gentle charge/discharge to bring them back to life, then 3 cycles of 5A charge and discharge, logging power in/out/time/temps. No IR yet without the balance wires.

I'd like to add balance/node wires for IR but am somewhat at a loss as where to start. I've seen plenty of small pack XH pigtails but no examples of how people wire this cleanly (electrically) to the sticks. Haven't had much luck with searches here or on insight central. I'm thinking of wiring a XH pigtail to a "bed of nails" jig or such so I can change sticks easily, then make two so I can handle two sticks at once.

Feels like I'm working in a vacuum though. Any pointers on where to start? Thanks!