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I think this is the vendor's manual for the controller Netgain is pairing with that motor :

There is a note:
Additional heatsink could be necessary to meet the desired continuous ratings. The heat sink material and system should be sized on the performance requirement of the machine. We recommend ambient temperature air to be directed over the heatsink fins to maintain heatsink temperature below 75 °C.

So basically the controller will put up to 750A, but will thermally saturate within moments unless you've added extra cooling. Based on similar ratings from other vendors for controllers in a similar form-factor, I'd say you got about 200A continuous. Anything above that will not be sustainable, and again referencing other vendors I'd say 2 minutes is your top at full current. Obviously if you just slightly exceed 200A, and perhaps on a cool day, you may get away with more, not a precise science.

Whether you want to go there that's the question. I still think you should not use a time delay fuse. If you program the controller to allow 600A, then use something like 650-700A fast acting fuse.

The sample drawing from EV West uses a 600 amp fuse on the Hyper 9. (For what it's worth)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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