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Hello EV Community,

I recently purchased a Mars ME0909 for my Electric ATV Conversion and am moving on to looking for a motor controller and battery system. I am looking for an hour or two of operation and a range of a few miles. It is for use in the mountains so It needs to be able to climb hills and possibly tow firewood. I am very interested in a Lithium Ion solution such as using CALB batteries or a used chevy volt/nissan leaf battery module. Any guidance as for controllers, batteries, BMS, or otherwise would be much appreciated.
Hi dsutro,

Not getting much traffic on your threads. Don't know why. Anyway, Lithium is way to go and look at maybe an Alltrax controller. Used Curtis can work. Avoid Kelly and no-names. You can fry that motor running hard (inclines, towing, etc). Gearing is up most important. Maybe even plan 2 stage jackshaft. BMS or great care required with Li battery. Charger important also.

Used to tell conversion new guys to start with cheap lead acid because they would kill their first battery in short order anyhow. Don't see that advice much any more. My first small EV conversion (lawn tractor) years ago (too many to say) started with 4 of those riding mower starting batteries. At the time $16 each. Got it running. Figured pulley ratio. Crappy range. Had to charge several times to do yard chores. Batteries died after a year or so. Then I felt a lot better buying costly AGM that lasted like 8-9 years and had decent range. No comparison to Li I have in it now.

Tractor didn't mind so much battery weight. ATV will. Not sure how you can find "beginners" Li battery. Hope I helped some. Look around in the garage here (DIY) and on EVAlbum. See what others have done on EATVs.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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