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Batteries, Batteries

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Hello. I am having a tough time figuring out what batteries I should use for my Porsche 550 Spyder kit car EV build. Due to space limitations, I have got to have something "modular" so that we can put these around the chassis. I am trying to get at least 40 kWh of capacity stuffed in there somehow. Ideally, I'd like to get a range of 200 miles and have gotten a lot of valuable feedback on this forum about frontal area and Cd on the vehicle and limits that that will place.

The battery issues that I have run across are:

Tesla batteries (especially the newest gen) are too large.
The Nissan Leaf Gen 2 40 kWh batteries are decently "modular" but 40 kWh is at the low end of what I'd like. I 'd be really pleased to get their Gen 3 batteries (62 kWh with three different sized modules..27 cell, 21 cell, and 12 cell vs Gen 2 one-size-fits-all at 8 cells) but they are MY 2019 and few seem to be around the bone yards yet.
Cooling? It'd be nice to have cooling but given the fact that I am going to be placing batteries in various locations around the car I doubt that we are going to have the heat sink problem that Nissan seems to have given that all their batteries are stuffed into a single enclosure.

I haven't looked at the BMW, Bolt, or other batteries. Is there something there that might suit? Does anybody know if I can just buy a Gen 3 battery pack from Nissan directly? I hear they are pricey but the total cube on this battery is only slightly different from the cube on the 40 kWh pack.

All thoughts are welcome. This IS the most important part of the build.