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120 volt pack nominal of lead acid. 79Ah at 20 hour rate, but you weren't quite pulling 35Ah when new. You used them 250 cycles.

In my humble opinion: Lithium batteries are your friend.
We all need some additional info to help you out though so that way we can recommend the affordable lithium to meet your needs.

120v*35Ah=4200 watt-hours Are you going about 15 miles? Is your 35Ah measurment how much you are pulling out of the pack(essentially figuring peukert), or how much you put back into the pack when charging?

What range do you want your new pack to be?
How much current does your current controller draw? ...or rather, if you are planning to upgrade your controller, how much will that one be pulling at maximum accleration?

How much amperage do you pull from your battery while cruising? Also what speeds do you cruise at?

The issue with going to lithium is that you want to keep your average C rate draw of the pack fairly low, usually a cruising amperage of about 1C unless your commute is shorter, in which case you won't draw on the pack too long to get things warmer than they should be for maximum battery life. It all depends on the commute you are running for what sort of lithium we would recommend. If you are looking to upgrade your components too, or range, or performance, it would be good to know what you are looking to do.
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