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Batteries from, ultra-capacitors

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I'm new to forum, just learning how to build EV - it is cheaper for me, because I'm living in China.

searching for batteries in, chinese ebay

What I found:

12v, 200Ah, 1088rmb (173$), other places similar power selling for 788RMB

Lithium, 12b 50Ah, 2650rmb, (424$), weight 10kg,0:1340433948_3k1_1783564695

Chinese now using ultra-capacitors batteries, less expensive and more rechargeable, up to 100 000 times

I'm also searching for ultra-capacitors to build own batteries, it may be much less expensive

2.5v, 630F, 13RMB
2,5v, 2000F, 60RMB
10000 F, 4 Ohms
2.7V3000F0.45 Oh, 63×140screw
any feedback will be greatly appreciated

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I envy you, being close to the battery resources. I don't know much about ultra capacitors but others might be able to help. This is a global forum and is a great way to share knowledge.

My installation uses an AC motor and controller that was programmed to work with it. I would be happy to share my limited knowledge of that motor/controller combination.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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