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Batteries from, ultra-capacitors

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I'm new to forum, just learning how to build EV - it is cheaper for me, because I'm living in China.

searching for batteries in, chinese ebay

What I found:

12v, 200Ah, 1088rmb (173$), other places similar power selling for 788RMB

Lithium, 12b 50Ah, 2650rmb, (424$), weight 10kg,0:1340433948_3k1_1783564695

Chinese now using ultra-capacitors batteries, less expensive and more rechargeable, up to 100 000 times

I'm also searching for ultra-capacitors to build own batteries, it may be much less expensive

2.5v, 630F, 13RMB
2,5v, 2000F, 60RMB
10000 F, 4 Ohms
2.7V3000F0.45 Oh, 63×140screw
any feedback will be greatly appreciated

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Thanks Rick

not long time ago I was living in your area, Riverside-Ontario

Thanks Paul.
Definitive, I will need help
What stopping me now?? Why conversion is soo expensive when on the markets are new electrical cars staring from very low, 3000-5000$? Of course, they may be completely different classes, but still. I also believe, that I can find more economical batteries, still don't know prices for 100 kF, even seen adv for 200 kF.

Chinese are having double pricing - one for international market mostly by traders, other for locals. Alibaba are for intentional market, I already found several product where prices are double what Chinese are paying.

Thanks for calculations, it is very helpful


Ultra capacitors, it can be find for less

2000F, 2.3v, 36 RMB, $6.00+

other, Place of Origin: Zhejiang

Capacitance: 1/2-10hp

Part No.
Operation Voltage(VAC)
Recommended Range(HP)
Increase In Torque(%)
1/2 to 10
1/2 to 10
1/2 to 10
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