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Batteries in pickup bed of 71 Toyota?

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I have room in the front of my pickup bed for 10 group 24 FLA batteries. Seems like they should be in some kind of box to to keep the acid from destroying the bed. I guess I could make one out of sheet metal but not sure it would last too long. Also do I need some kind of drain in the bottom? When I had an electric motorcycle it really made a rusty mess on the driveway since the batteries weren't enclosed . I already have half of the batteries so SLA isn't an option. Together the batteries will measure about 18" X 50" Any ideas on the type of materials etc. that have been used?
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Since you asked.... I would (did) distribute the batteries and put most of them under the box between the frame rails. The truck will handle much better and "feel" like you are not carrying a load at hich centre of gravity. I would put some under the hood, some in front of the rear axle and some behind it. This will give you good weight distribution, a safer handling vehicle and the ability to use your box for other things. Yes, it is more work. A lot more work... but the better choice IMHO.

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