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Thank you for having a look at my post!​

Saint Lucie Battery and Tire has been providing batteries for the treasure coast and beyond for decades! Whether you build it yourself or bought it at a dealership we have the batteries you need!

With 12 locations across the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee I'm sure we can offer our services at a location near you! Check our website for locations at

We offer a range of batteries like Absorbed glass mat (AGM), lead acids, and Gel cels! Your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, motor home, golf cart! We got em all! We can special order most batteries if we do not stock them. Does your yacht take eight 8D gel cel batteries? Good! We got those!

Our main battery supplier is Deka Batteries. The only battery made in the USA.

Please have a look at our website at and request a quote on anything you might need! We even sell cable from 14 guage all the way up to 4 ought with connectors!

Battery Charger broken? We offer repairs on those and sell new ones!
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