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Battery Boxes and Cooling

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Aloha, I am redesigning my battery boxes to accommodate the the TS cells. Help on this please:

1: How much squeeze do i need for the 200ah Lifepo4's? I was going to make the bottom of the box VERY snug, and after the batteries were in, use a threaded rod at the top of the box (and batteries) as a sort of tourniquet to squeeze the pack. Is this enough? Or shud I strap, say, each group of 4 cells together with banding instead?

2: How much air do I need to the cells?...... can I enclose them from the bottom because I was going to install a sheet of ABS or FRP plastic under the rear from the rear seats to the bumper.

3: And since you mentioned streamlining, I also was going to put a sheet of plastic and enclose as much as possible from the front bumper to the drivers compartment. (so I will be closing up the motor area and have no grill air coming, will the motor get too hot or will there be enough air leaking in the front to cool the motor, or shud I put a scoop underneath in the area of the motor?)
Zilla is water cooled so no problem there.

And our weather is generally 80 deg. all the time here in Hawaii.

Thanks and please take a stab at some of the above,

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i have a similar question, sorry spdas i'm no help to you.

i was thinking of using a battery that that is desined to stand to be able to dump 1000amps either continuously or pretty close to. so i was thinking that the batteries for the majority of the time will be living a pretty easy life. so they probably wouldn't need cooling.

i was going to put a battery box of headway 12 or 16 amp under the back seats, i thought it would be hard to waterproof and provide effective cooling.

provided that the headwasy are rated for max working temp of 65 degrees Celsius and the thunderskys are rated for 85degC, and the absolute max temperature mine are going to see is 50 degC in sunny Melbourne Australia. i thought as long as i didn't push the batteries to hard on hot days they wouldn't need cooling.

any knowledge people have on just how warm batteries can get during operation and how that effects their performance would help greatly.:D
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