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Battery: Buld your own or buy an EV pack?

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I am only in planning stages and considering options at the moment. Would like to convert an old muscle car or performance type car to EV. So range is not going to be the main issue whereas volts and current will be more important.
It seems that the battery will be the most expensive and most complex part of the conversion.
It would be easy to buy a wrecked EV battery but there aren't many EVs in Australia. So it looks like I would be stuck building a battery from cells. (in some ways at least I get exactly what I want) After searching around, it looks like Alibaba is the easiest place to source them.

Has anyone built their own battery from pouch cells? and has anyone used Alibaba as their source for cells? If so did you have any issues with supply or ordering etc?
It would seem easier to use 12v lifepo4 batteries for a number of reasons. (built in BMS, easy mounting) Downside is size and cooling. Anyone have opinions on battery cooling?

And that opens up the new problems of BMS charging and pack cooling.

I suspect this issue may be holding a lot of other Aussies back from EV conversions.

Cheers, Mick
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Hi Chris,

thanks for the reply, and apologies for delayed response (due to the period of reduced activity here :) )

I had a brief look at the link and the liquid cooled 3.2Kw modules look like just the thing, but as you pointed out, quite pricey. 8 of them runs to about 30 grand, so not for the feeble of pocket. Still, shows what can be done and I am impressed that you are building batteries. They look very professional.

You asked what sort of capacity etc. As I said, I would like some high discharge cells to provide decent performance from a DC motor (probably a dual Netgain 11" or the like. Performance is the goal, and range is just nice to have. Longevity would be very nice given the cost of the battery.

Currently this is all still speculative. I need to have a clear path before I begin, and before parting with a lot of cash, and definitely before gutting my Corvette.

Cheers, Mick
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