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Anyone who needs battery chargers, contact with ([email protected]) :)directly for specifications.

Model 24V, 48V,36V,72V,96V,120V,144V,288V etc., 1.5KW,2KW,3KW,4KW,6KW~8KW battery charger

This factory customizes chargers for different customers with different battery packs and up to 3000pcs per month for many EV companies at home and abroad.

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Configured for batteries such as Thurder Sky, Sky Energy, Trojan, US battery, Headway, PSI batteries in Taiwan, R&J batteries in Australia ect.,

Charger Advantages
1.Memory to store 10 unique AH settings for lead-acid battery chargers. Equipped with CAN communication interface to realize real-time communication with BMS or control by CC/CV for LiFePO4 battery charger

2. Dual input voltages range AC85V~AC265V available for worldwide requirements

3. Fully-sealed and water-proof, protection class IP65.

4. Internal integrated PFC, no pollution to electric network, protect shocking on electric network from heavy current.

5. Intelligent temperature compensation function in the charging process for lead-acid battery charger.

6. High with 93% above efficiency

For more information, visit website

Specification – contact overseas manager:) at:[email protected] or skpe:nancylooloo
Quantity – whatever you require.

Lead-time – 200pcs per week, flexible and very quick delivery time
Warranty period – 15months
Shipping by FedEx for small quantities.

[email protected]

These chargers have been tested and are highly recommended by many EV makers. You should evaluate them yourself. They are excellent quality but not overly expensive. :)


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