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I am the recipient of a 2009 Kandi Coco from a relative who purchased it due to the major tax credits and never drove it. It has the original Trojan T-1275 Plus batteries with a single point watering system.

It has sat in storage after being drive off the lot.

I recently saw the vehicle for the first time, refilled the 6 batteries (they took about 2.5L total, so I am not sure how empty they were). I attempted to recharge by plugging in the vehicle. They did not take a charge. I was later told that I should try to try charge the batteries individually with a plug in car battery charger. I have yet to do this, as I am now cross country from the vehicle. The batteries were really never used, but were not filled/charged for at least 6 years. Is it even possible that they could hold a charge again?

I plan to have the vehicle shipped to me, but want a plan for battery replacement for when it arrives.

I know that I can replace the Trojan T-1275 Plus batteries with the same model for approximately $170 per battery (x6).

I am looking for other less maintenance and more affordable options. I do not require the 60 mile range I have been quotes with the Trojans and would be fine with a reliable 20 miles.

I have read an old post in which someone suggests replacing with DC27 deep cycle marine batteries (Interstate brand, available at Costco for about $89 each). I am curious about this option and would like some advice on this. It seems like the Pros are reduced cost and no frequent maintenance, while the apparent Con is range/charge the battery holds. Has anyone put such batteries in their car?

Someone has told me that I would need to purchase a new charge for the vehicle so that it charge these batteries according to the correct algorithm. Is this correct? I looked at my charger and the only information I can gleam is that it is yellow and black and has the words InPower since 2002 on it.

I am not interested in converting the vehicle to Lithium ion cells.

I appreciate any assistance in this matter, as I am a complete novice regarding electric cars, and unfortuantely have not found any good local resources here in Colorado.

Thanks so much!

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Wow what a windfall.

Have the batteries disposed of before shipping.

IMO replace with new same model ones, excellent value for money.

FLA's big advantage is ability to precisely monitor SoC with a cheap hydrometer.

Very very robust too, treat them well will last for years!

So you need to top up water, so what?

If you want cheaper, Sam's Club GC2s, East Penn better than Costco, but won't last as long as properly cared for Trojans.
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