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Our cells are for real high power to weight ratio OR low heat build up. "Long course" land speed racing is a lot like hill climbing... long sustained high power.
We would be competitive if weight or volume was THE issue.

Remember to account for motor plus controller efficiency. I hear some folks quote me the motor output power of say a YASA P400 at 160kW which you will note it only makes at about 1/2 peak rpm and the motor efficiency is about 84% at that point. counting controller and cabling, contactors, fuses, efficiencies can hit 80% even on a AC motor system. So the 160kW becomes 200kW at the battery. That's why I always quote "batteryhorsepower".
Also another common mistake is to use the motor peak kilowatts and assume it will make it at peak rpm.

Another common mistake is not comparing sag voltage
A 3.2V 5C cell pulling 20C might sag to 2.0V
Whereas one of my cells pulling 20C would be nearly 3.8V
I admit I don't test to 90 seconds a lot because we were melting Derek's load bank. But we could test them for performance if you need.
thanks john for the informative post. very useful to keep for future reference!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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