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i'm trying to visualize the battery layout that would allow jumper wires of only 4" length, but can't really see it. But what would be the total length of jumpers within any given string subject to the peak 200A--2 ft, 3 ft?

4AWG has a resistance of about 250 microOhms per foot, so it would drop about 50 mV per foot and waste 10W as heat. So even with say 3 ft of jumpers you would only drop about .15 V in the wire, and loose 30W in heat, all this for the length of time you operate at the 200A peak. Unless you plan to race or drive with an awful heavy foot i don't think you will be seeing 200A often and the 4 AWG would be okay.

i used 4AWG jumpers that varied from 5 to 10 ft long in a big linear motor and put several thousand amps thru them for 10 seconds with no fusing of the wire, so it can handle quite a bit for a short time. my 2¢
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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