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I have four (4) 37v 10,4Ah lip Battery packs with built in bms.

I would like to build a 74v 20,8 Ah, so I have to wire up two at series the other two at series and then this two new packs at parallel between them, right?

But I´m not sure a few things, what about the built in bms, would it generate any problem? Of course I will have the four packs at exactly same voltage at the connection time.

About charging them, each one of this packs has it own charger, would it be possible to charge them all together? Or I will need to disarm the pack very time I want to charge them?

At least, if I have two 36v at parallel, would it be possible to connect it at parallel to the same charger of 36v to charge them together?

Shall I use any diode at some points to prevent back current flow?

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