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This is in regards to an old 79 2wd f100, would there be any possible down sides to fitting 1 or 2 massive TS-LYP7000AHC thunder sky 7000ah batteries?
Hi shaun,

In theory I guess it would work. But where are you going to find a 3 or 6 volt motor powerful for a truck? And then a 20,000 ampere controller? And the cable size would be huge.

Those Thundersky products are cells. A cell of this sort is 3.2 volts nominal. A battery consists of one or more cells. When those cells are in series, the voltage adds. Most EV batteries are 100 to 300 volts, so need like 30 to 100 cells. This is because the propulsion systems require this voltage.

It would be cool to use a single cell battery :cool: BMS not required. Just not going to happen with EVs.

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