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Hello all - new to DIY I have almost completed a build of a 76' vw bus. Using the netgain hyper 9 100 volt model and a starter battery pack with 5 tesla S batteries. I am contemplating adding another 5 for 52kWhr. I pulled the middle seat and have a custom fold down bed and table arrangement. I also cut a hole in the roof and added a 100 watt solar panel that I can remove as a sun roof. This keeps my 12 v battery charged. This is basically a camper arrangement.

So the purpose of this thread is to look for people who would be interested or have experience in building a shared battery trailer with at least 73Kwhr of batteries at 100 volts. This trailer would be shared by 2-6 users or maybe just rented by the day/charge cycle when they need it for longer trips. It would need some sort of switching arrangement to disconnect the vehicle batteries and engage the trailer batteries.

I am envisioning a aluminum trailer with the batteries on the bottom. Storage for camping gear on top, with around 1000 watts of solar panels on the roof. Charging would be either through the solar panels or ideally a DC quick charger network.

Lots of issues to work through, like cost sharing, insurance, battery abuse, theft. This thing would cost at least $20k. Anybody done something similar? Anybody near SLC Utah?
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