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I have the 100 volt version of the Hyper9 on my bench to get everything set up prior to installing in my '96 Miata. It took a bit of trial and error to get the proper version of SmartView installed and working with the USB serial adapter, but after that, the code files uploaded easily to the motor controller. When I ran the software to perform the motor encoder calibration the motor began to move very slowly and the 3 phase leads to the motor got extremely hot. I shut it down as soon as I noticed this, probably less than 5 seconds. For bench testing I thought it would be sufficient to use 12 gauge romex, as I couldn't imagine that the motor would draw more than 30 amps at slow speed and no load. It's a mystery to me. Does anyone happen to know what the motor current is during the encoder calibration? Also I noticed the motor seemed to be turning somewhat like a stepper motor, moving/stopping maybe 3 times a second. A YouTube video confirmed that this is how it behaved for them, so I suspect everything is really OK. It all happened so fast, and I am reluctant to start it up again for fear of damaging the motor or control.
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