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Bender ISO165C Isolation Monitoring

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I have a Bender isometer ISO165C isolation monitoring unit. It provides the ability to get CAN data reporting the status of high voltage lines (upto 600v), but only at 1hz at the moment.

Using SavvyCAN and sending some set up CAN messages, I've got the ISO165C monitoring the high voltage battery B+ and B- lines.

The battery runs through a pre-charger circuit and the ISO165 can see the voltage connect control. The ISO device stops reporting however as soon as the contactors are opened to disconnect the battery. The ISO isn't reporting an error (but it sure is acting like it).

When a contactor is opened (disconnected), is there the potential for a voltage spike or other voltage/current aberration? Is there a reverse process to the pre-charge contactor closing process that can relieve this?