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Bespoke post-war style microcar build

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EV-ers and EV-ettes,

I'm sorry in advance as you probably get flogged with some of these questions but this EV thing seems to be a complex problem and far more mathematic that I am. I've read quite a few car conversions but not many bespoke tiny vehicle builds

Okely dokely...

My name is Rex, I do freelance motorsport fabrication for a living. I have a good workshop friend who has a bit of experience with electric bicycles, both kits and bespoke. He also shares a desire for the speed (his bicycles are capable of 80 or so kp/h). I floated the idea of building a post-war style retro micro-car powered by something like a 150-200cc motorcycle motor.

He excitedly suggested I look at electric. Since Then I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head. It would make a very interesting little project for the shop and something to document for a blorg or whatever.

So here I am, hoping I could run a couple of ideas past you guys and gals clearly better versed than I?

Proposed vehicle specs:

  • Single seat
  • 3 wheel (trike architecture) single driven wheel at the back, similar layout to motorcycle swingarm.
  • Scooter/Moped/Vespa size wheels/tyres (approx 400-450mm rolling diameter)
  • Streamline aluminium bodywork, enclosed wheels etc
  • Vehicle weight approx 200kg (minus motor, batteries and driver)

Now, I have a little Honda CT110 (110cc postie bike) which is 90Kg and approx 5Kw (0.85Kg/m) which I am basing my performance criteria on simply because I'm very familiar with how it behaves and having no experience with EV I'm not familiar with their driving/performance characteristics. It's intended to be a micro-car so performance wise it just needs to be usable as a car.

Performance criteria:

  • Usual cruising speed of 60Kp/h but capable of cruising happily at 80Kp/h
  • Acceleration of around 6 seconds to 60kp/h, or faster.
  • Range I'm not sure about, I suppose 50-60 km per charge would be great, but more is great-er.
  • Ability to cope with normal roads, IE some hills etc.

Being similar to a motorcycle, My mate suggested instantly I look at the Conhismotor 6000w e-motorcycle hub motor at 72V. Architecturally it seems very suitable and will take a tyre as is which makes my driveline self contained. He has a bit of experience with the Conhismotor gear and swears by it.

Link here:

I originally though that it was a direct drive type arrangement (if I have my terms right?) but after a bit of looking and comparing operating rpms it probably has a planetary gearset? I was kind of worried about some kind of acceleration/cruising speed tradeoff.

So I suppose my first question is, does this motor even seem like it will fit the bill without having to thrash it?

I know that combustion kw and electric kw cannot be thought of in the same way in EVs but it's tricky for me to imagine in my feeble brain box.

Thanks for your time, there will be more questions I'm sure. Any assistance and suggestions are absolutely welcome. I look forward to hopefully building the thing and keeping you posted!

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Hi Rex
Put your location on your CP - some things are easy/difficult in different countries

Have a look at this site

I had a look at doing a 3 wheeler when I built my car

But I decided that a four wheeler was actually more compact and lighter than a three wheeler
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