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Best bet for inexpensive small truck - 25 mi range?

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My wife and I have inherited her family's cottage rental business. The business currently has a small truck (1996 tachoma) that shuttles firewood, a lawn mower, returnables, and laundry. It never goes far, and does not drive in winter. It does, however, need to be able to to go short distances on a road with a 55mph speed limit.

It seems it probably doesn't make sense to convert this vehicle.

I'd be very interested if people have ideas about inexpensive ways to get and convert a small electric truck that could handle this load. (25 mile range, 50 mph top speed. 4wd would be great, but probably not strictly necessary)

Thanks for any input!!
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@CliffordK: "does not drive in winter"

Did you miss that part?

Like the worst possible application to go electric and to turn batteries into bricks (because they typically shut off power to "winterize" cottages in these places) and you're all over it with EV suggestions.

As @MattsAwesomeStuff said: For the role and geographical base it has, don't do it. And don't buy one.
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