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Best bet for inexpensive small truck - 25 mi range?

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My wife and I have inherited her family's cottage rental business. The business currently has a small truck (1996 tachoma) that shuttles firewood, a lawn mower, returnables, and laundry. It never goes far, and does not drive in winter. It does, however, need to be able to to go short distances on a road with a 55mph speed limit.

It seems it probably doesn't make sense to convert this vehicle.

I'd be very interested if people have ideas about inexpensive ways to get and convert a small electric truck that could handle this load. (25 mile range, 50 mph top speed. 4wd would be great, but probably not strictly necessary)

Thanks for any input!!
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Thanks for the input everyone. I was kind of hoping that the kits I had been looking at were way over-priced for our application since they had much higher battery capacity than we need. But I believe @MattsAwesomeStuff that it's the wrong application for conversion. Cheers
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