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2007 Proton Jumbuck GLi running Nissan eNV200 Gear
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So I see a lot of people keeping stock dashboards and a handful of interfaces to get stuff working.

Some people are using Torque and other such things.

I kind of need a physical (can be a screen) dashboard that will talk to the CANBUS directly.

Now I'm hoping to use the Donor Nissan Hubs, which seem to have PWR, GND, CANH and CANL wires on each hub for the Wheel Speed Sensors, so with my limited knowledge of CAN, I think as long as I have those wires going to the right spots, it will be able to be read by anything else on the CANBUS.

However I also have 4 Wheel Speed Sensors, not sure if that matters. But I'm thinking if I'm spinning the front wheels, and the back wheels are stationary, then that might cause some confusion on the display.

However I also have zero idea what CAN nesaages those wheel speed sensors spit out, what messages I'll be seeing, but I know computers are smart, smarter than me and can generally figure out what they're plugged into.

So I was planning to get a Dashboard like the MoTec C1212 as I can make it look how I want it to.

But even MoTec doesn't know how to set it up for what I'm doing, and although Isak over at Resolve EV says that yes, I can add an OBDII port to the system and run Torque (which I will do with a Android based dash screen) I still need a dash directly in front of me because laws 🙄

Even if I had something that had say, a GPS in it, and it self calibrated so when I drive into a tunnel, it knows what the Wheel Speed Sensors line up to.

Unfortunately, the laws say I can't use a purely GPS based speedometer because of Tunnels being a thing.

So yeah, what's out there?
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