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Dear all,

Decided to also make an attempt for an old car EV-conversion.

Decisions I made so far:
- Car not specified, but light weigth, < 900kg
- AC-motor, watercooled
- Controller with regeneration
- Max speed 100km/h

I first want to purchase the drive-train and make it run.
1) 900kg car (without 2 passengers) and max speed of 100km/h. Is 30kW nominal power enough?
2) What would be the best price quality AC-motor + controller ? One of following possibilities?
- Motenergy ME1616 + kelly controller ?
- Used Nissan leaf motor + controller (which one do youu suggest?)
- Following ebay conversion kit:


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Why do you need liquid cooled?

The current state of play is

Brushed DC (ex forklift) - cheap cheerful - LOTS of power - unsophisticated - no re-gen

Aftermarket AC motor and controller - expensive and very low performance - do get re-gen

Salvaged from an EV (Leaf, Tesla...) - cheap, powerful and sohisticated

My "Device" uses the Forklift option but if I was building now I would probably look for a crashed Leaf
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