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Better Ultracaps on film substrate

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No multiple click-through on this article - direct to source! Found it as a cross-article on another bot find.


Something like this would make the idea of busses running only on Ultracaps more practical. If a bus can get 10 miles on a charge, then recharge at each stop ("sipping"), then most communities would become practical for such a bus.
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The Nobel prize for physics went this year to the discoverer of Graphene. I also heard they can produce this material now in labs. Looking at the properties of this stuff it could become a serious battery killer.
Hmmm, if they can grow this into a 3-dimensional lattice sufficiently large, it could be used in megacaps exceeding the capacity of batteries.

This is probably a longer term solution, since it is not nearly so simple to fabricate human-scale devices when you have to grow the lattice in special vacuum chambers, etc.
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