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I purchased my first battery electric commuter vehicle in 2009 when Vectrix first declared bankruptcy. Found a dealer willing to sell me a $14,000 bike for $5000 that day. Had the entire pack replaced under warranty during the second life of the company. Took years to pay off that vehicle in fuel savings because I also own the first hybrid car on the market, the 2000 Honda Insight (in green! only 237 made) that I got new during the first year they shipped in the US. Also had the battery pack in that replaced under the 8 yr./150,000 mile warranty back in the day. Even with gas prices what they are here in California and the batteries in the hybrid now being very old, that car is still cheaper to drive than my Tesla Model 3 assuming I am charging at home or a Supercharger.

Got my second Vectrix for $500 at auction, and drove it for many weeks after charging the batteries from dead, but the motor controller popped, so it is more of a parts bike. Still use the original at our cabin in the mountains when the weather is fine.

In 2015 got the 2012 Mitsubishi iMiev when they started coming off lease. First commercial BEV that could be had for under $10,000, and it came with CHAdeMo. The wife used it for her commute in the bay area before she worked at home. The white HOV stickers only JUST went invalid. It's still our runabout for errands and shopping. I got all caught up in PlugShare, seeking out plugs that needed documentation around our part of the world, especially free ones.

That made it exciting when in 2016 my friend approached me about keeping him company while he line-sat for a new product introduction. As an Apple employee, I know about line sitting. I got my motorhome and met him at midnight at the Tesla store and we were first in line for the Model 3. Almost 2 years later we finally took delivery, in the first batch made for non-owners last March. In not even a year I have put 22K miles on and over 5 MWh in the car. Fortunately, I know where several free chargers are, thanks to the efforts on PlugShare, so I didn't PAY for all those miles.

I was the first one on TMC to put a tow hitch on a Model 3, but I would like to be able to pull my vehicles apart and fix things that go wrong. I even applied at Tesla to be a tech, I fixed a million computers while I worked at Apple, perhaps they could use me. I am specifically interested in fixing my parts bike, upgrading one of them with Li-ion batts from a Leaf, maybe putting a hydronic heater in the iMiev, or some other way of saving or extending the battery, and hacking my Tesla for fun and profit.

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