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billet throttle with curtis 1239e

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Hello all,
First time posting here- long time reader.
I have a billet throttle from evwest hooked up to an ac51/1239e combo.
46 CALB 180Ah batteries. Everything seems to be working as designed, but I cannot for the life of me get the throttle to work.

-I have loosened/tightened the arm and sensor bolts on the throttle per the instruction page. Throttle Instructions.pdf

-I have quadruple-checked the wiring- I am using 7, 16, 26 from the controller. (p14)

-Currently when I power up the motor goes to about 6500 rpm and stays there.
-I was getting a flash code of 41: (throttle wiper too high) but the that was with throttle disconnected- so not sure if that is relevant.
-When I reverse the + and - wires on the throttle I get no voltage readings on the spyglass, and same behaviour of the motor.
-Here are the current throttle programming values:
(throttle type 1)
tpot 4.9 (goes to 2.6 when i depress accelerator pedal) (diagnosis mode)
tdb 48.7
arn .5
are .5
map 50%
Just not sure what to check next..
Would it be desirable or even possible to do some kind of a reset on the controller?
Secondly, is there any test I could perform just to verify that my throttle itself is ok?
I have been reaching out to the resellers that I purchased from as well, but so far no advice or replies.
Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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